About us

With WorkSnap, we strive for an affordable and easily bookable office and meeting space for a day (or part of a day), conveniently located for everyone without any commitments.

Anyone who spontaneously needs a temporary 'office for a day' or wants to have a meeting with a few people can rely on WorkSnap. This includes remote workers who occasionally want to work in a full-serviced office room, self-employed individuals and freelancers without a fixed office, and mobile employees who occasionally want to work or collaborate at a different location. And always at a fixed competitive price.

Always a location nearby

Jay Lee Jay Lee Linkedin: "With WorkSnap, a location to work or meet is always within reach. Preferably without having to get in the car, even within cycling distance. Our motto is 'an affordable and accessible office and meeting room for everyone' for a reason. The enthusiastic responses and satisfaction we hear back from our customers are amazing! We also aim to make this possible for regions outside the Randstad."

Quick & easy

Rogier Hentenaar (1965) Rogier Hentenaar Linkedin: "With WorkSnap, we can address the excess capacity in the Dutch office market. We have fantastic full-service offices in our country that deserve many more users. Thanks to the bookings on WorkSnap, there is more activity in the office. That's good news for everyone: users have a nice and quiet place where they can work or collaborate, and the flexoperators see more users coming in. That's what I like to see."