Terms and Conditions

Client and contractor

We are Redwood Capital B.V. and we trade under the trade name WorkSnap. We are located at Suikerpeerpad 17 (1036 KE) in Amsterdam and registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 86895699. We offer as a contractor (‘we’ and ‘us’) unused capacity of office and meeting rooms of our partners (‘landlord’) via WorkSnap.nl (hereinafter: the platform) to you as a client (‘you’ and ‘your’).


These general terms and conditions apply to our services, namely the provision of the platform and the handling of the payment. The general terms and conditions of the landlord apply to the use of the office and meeting room. These have been provided to you when booking. You will comply with the terms of use of the landlord and will behave as a good user. We may change our general terms and conditions at any time.

Offer and acceptance

The offer is stated on the platform. You book and pay for the office or meeting rooms via the platform. After booking you will receive a confirmation. The booking is not transferable to someone else. We will inform the landlord about the booked office or meeting room. We will make every effort to give you what you have booked, but given the last minute nature of our services, we cannot guarantee that the landlord will have exactly the booked space available. The landlord is responsible for making a comparable space available. The landlord then takes over the responsibility from us for the receipt and use of the space by you.

Refusal to book

If the landlord refuses your booking, we have the right to cancel the booking. You will receive your money back.

Change and cancel

You cannot change or cancel a booking. Refunds of amounts paid will not take place.


We charge you a fixed rate for the use of office or meeting space. The rate and duration of use are stated on the platform. You owe the full rate for the use of the office or meeting room in advance. After payment you will receive a digital invoice from us at the e-mail address you provided. Any additional services that you purchase from the landlord will be charged to you by the landlord.


The parties exclude the possibility of dissolution, unless the parties have made other agreements in writing.

Force majeure

Force majeure releases us from the obligation to fulfill the agreed agreement, without you having the right to compensation for costs, damage and interest. Examples of force majeure are power failure, network attacks, internet and computer failures. In addition, there may be force majeure on the part of the landlord. Examples of force majeure are fire, epidemic