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Blog of the week: what is an ideal office?

Do you know what the ideal temperature is in the office? That's 21.6 degrees Celsius to be precise. A like higher or lower reduces office production by 1-2%. Did you know that the width of the average office desktop has grown by 4 centimeters over the past seventy years, but that the number of square meters of office space per employee has shrunk from 18 to 7 m2 in the same time?

These and many more facts can be read in the work 'Back to the Office', published this year, by the foreign architect Ruth Baumeister and architectural historian Stephan Petermann. They have little interest in the 'open office', known to us as the open-plan office phenomenon, which is now so popular in many organizations but which has been shown in many studies to be not the best for the mental well-being of the average office worker.

The two authors prefer to show 50 highlights in 130 years of office architecture. They argue never to demolish these monumental offices but always to renovate them.

Rogier Hentenaar

What is WorkSnap?

WorkSnap is a platform where you can book a full-service office room - also known as a day office - for a day, or a meeting room for half a day with just a few clicks, without any further obligations. All locations in the respective country have the same attractive fixed price. You can book for today only, or after 3 pm for tomorrow.

How did you find all those locations?

WorkSnap works together with professional providers of full-service office and meetingrooms. These are: Campus Offices De Stadstuin De Werkloft Element Offices OF-US people@places Place for Bizz PriOffice Tribes

How do I book an office or meeting room?

Book your office room or meeting room with just a few clicks. Select your location and then whether you want an office room or a meeting room. Pay and go! You will receive a confirmation email with all the details of your booking.

How much does an office or meeting room cost at WorkSnap?

Dutch locations: an office room for yourself costs 37.50 euros plus VAT for a whole day. A meeting room costs 37.50 euros plus VAT for half a day (morning or afternoon) and is valid for a maximum of 3 people.

German locations: an office room for yourself costs 44.50 euros plus VAT for a whole day. A meeting room costs 44.50 euros plus VAT for half a day (morning or afternoon) and is valid for a maximum of 3 people.

There are no further obligations. You simply pay via iDeal, PayPal or credit card and immediately receive the invoice and access data by email.

Why are your rates so favorable?

Thanks to the agreements we make with providers of office and meetingrooms, we can offer competitive rates that are the same everywhere. You never have to look for the lowest price, you choose whether you need an office-for-a-day or meeting room and the location you want. That's the only thing.

How long can I stay there?

The opening hours of the locations are indicated. With an office room, you decide when you come and go. If you booked a meeting room for the morning, you are welcome from the opening time until 1:00 p.m. Did you book for the afternoon? Then you are welcome from 1:00 p.m. until the closing time of the location.

How many people can you bring when you book a meeting room?

The booker may bring a maximum of two other people in addition to himself. The price of meeting space will not change as a result. Whether there are two or three of you, the price remains the same.

How do I cancel my booking?

Unfortunately, cancellations are not possible, as we only offer office and meeting rooms that are available at short notice, which you can only book on the same day. Therefore, there is not enough time to carry out a cancellation.

Is my data safe with WorkSnap?

In any case! We comply with all data protection regulations in accordance with the GDPR. We only ask a few necessary details for the booking and will not share this data with anyone.

How can I make a reservation on WorkSnap for a specific day?

WorkSnap meets the spontaneous need to book an office or meeting room on the day itself. You cannot reserve for a specific date. But don't worry, there're always rooms available. However, you can book for the next day from 3 p.m.

What about parking if I come by car?

The idea behind WorkSnap is that there is always a location nearby where you can work or meet. We therefore encourage everyone to come by bike or public transport. At each location we also provide information about the (paid/free) parking options in the vicinity of the location.

Is coffee or tea included when I book?

You can get regular coffee or tea free of charge at all locations. At some locations you can order more luxurious coffee types such as espressos, cappuccinos and latte macchiatos in lunch areas for an additional charge. On the location page we provide additional information about the possibility of lunch.

Is office-for-a-day the same as coworking?

No, on WorkSnap you can only book an office for a day. This is a private space that can be closed off where you can work quietly and concentrated. Depending on the layout of the provider, you usually have an office to yourself. There may be a desk in the room where someone can also come and work. With coworking you always work with several people in a shared space, which can make it a bit noisy.

How do I contact WorkSnap?

Send us an email to and we will get back to you soon.

What does that green button at the top right of the website mean?

This is only intended for the providers of the spaces for an overview of the bookings at their locations.