New study about hybrid working by TNO17 april 2024 07:17

Today, a new study by TNO was released about remote working in the Netherlands.

Here are a few key findings:

● Wednesdays and Fridays are the preferred days for working from home.

● Remote work leads to a better work life balance.

● People are more productive when working from home.

● At most companies employees work at home two days a week.

● The farther the employee lives from the office, the more they tend to work from home.

● People go to the office for social interaction and to know what's happening at the workplace.

How flexible should a flexible office space be?27 maart 2024 16:28

Should it always be accessible 24/7 or at exceptional places? Or would you be able to work with minimal amenities as long as there is wifi?

These days, flexible offices and meeting spaces come in all shapes and sizes. However, we are convinced that full serviced flexibele offices meets most needs: pleasant spaces where you can work a day uninterrupted or have a meeting, comfortable furniture, easy accessibility by car and public transport, tasty coffee and tea (which are free at our locations), and of course, fast wifi. We collaborate with professional full service flexibele office operators who have proven themselves.

Especially in big cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, and The Hague, the offerings are more than excellent. But we also have locations in cities like Enschede, Arnhem, and Emmen. We have an almost nationwide cover, thanks to the extensive location availabilty of our partners!

So, whether you're looking to rent a private day office for a day in Apeldoorn or a meeting room in Almere, we can accommodate you there too. We regularly add new locations, also outside the Randstad area. And always at a fixed price! This makes WorkSnap unique, and we're extremely proud of it!

Are open-plan offices outdated?21 maart 2024 13:01

These days, many people work in open-plan offices, while it is becoming increasingly clear that more and more people become overworked, overstrung, and irritated after a day of working in such an environment. This is one of the causes leading to a burnout. Human Recource specialists outright say: Open-plan office? Don't do it!

So why do open-plan offices still exist? According to Wim Pullen, former managing director of Center for People and Buildings, in a TV program De Monitor from a few years ago, there are three reasons why open-plan offices still exist:

  • It's a matter of money. Employers can fit more people per square meter of floor space;
  • The naive thought that creativity and communication are enhanced in an open-plan office space;
  • Lack of knowledge among architects and office space designers about what is good for the people who have to work there.

Why don't you give your employees the opportunity to occasionally book a private day office at WorkSnap? A break out from the open-plan office for a day! Concentration and productivity guaranteed!

WorkSnap collaborates with nearly all renowned flexible office operators. Booking a private day office for a day or a meeting room is just a few clicks away! With locations nationwide, always at a fixed price, and of course with no obligations. Pay-as-you-go!

What do people think of the office now?19 maart 2024 11:52

The pandemic has noticeably changed how we work at the office. Partially working remote at home has become common. But when we go to the office, do we have a different perception of our office?

"Despite the reduced number of collegues at the office due to remote working, satisfaction about the amount of and diversity of meeting spaces has decreased compared to the situation before the pandemic."

Read here a recent study by Center for People and Buildings.

American CEOs are giving up: working in the office is no longer necessary19 maart 2024 08:59

After the corona pandemic, we were bombarded with all kinds of calls from CEOs of large companies to return to the office. Here and there there were even threats of dismissal. But the workers won.

This is evident from the article by the American media channel Axios. Only six of the 158 CEOs of American companies surveyed say they are prioritizing getting staff back into the office. More than 27% of CEOs now expect that hybrid working – partly at home, partly at the office – is here to stay. In another study - conducted by Deloitte - among financial managers who are allowed to hold the position of CFO, no fewer than 65% of CFOs expect that their company will allow some form of hybrid working.

Now, 20-25% of all workers in the United States work from home at least part of the week. That is lower than the 47% at the height of the pandemic but much higher than the average of 3% before. Striking: an employee complained that back at the office he was only Zooming with colleagues elsewhere.

Interviewed by Ondernemers Magazine14 maart 2024 10:36

We were recently interviewed by Ondernemers Magazine.

A flexible layer around your housing strategy8 maart 2024 15:32

Flexibele schil rond uw huisvesting

With WorkSnap, we offer employers a tool, a flexible layer around their housing strategy, providing their employees the opportunity to occasionally book a private day office where they can work without distraction or a meeting room to have a meeting where ever they wish.

Using a flexible office solution for a private day office and meeting rooms can contribute to your housing strategy without the restrictions of a fixed lease contract.

WorkSnap offers the ultimate flexibility because we collaborate with the best and renowned operators of flexible office solutions. There are no subscription fees or other obligations with us. You only pay when the space is used.

✅ No fixed costs if the space is not used ✅ Locations nationwide ✅ All locations have the same fixed price ✅ Contributes to a lower carbon footprint by reducing travel

We were recently interviewed by Ondernemers Magazine.

Q-Park and WorkSnap are joining forces1 maart 2024 07:47

As of March 1, 2024, anyone who books a private day office or meeting room on WorkSnap can also immediately book a day ticket in a nearby Q-Park parking garage with an attractive discount.   With more than 140 parking garages throughout the country, Q-Park is the suitable partner to work with. WorkSnap is thus taking a new step in increasing the level of service for its bookers.   This only concerns full-day parking in a Q-Park parking garage in combination with a private day office or meeting room at a number of WorkSnap locations in major cities. The day ticket starts at the time of entry and is then valid for 24 hours. Bookers are then assured of a parking space nearby and no longer have to go to the payment machine afterwards.   The parking service currently concerns eight locations in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. We expect to further expand this parking service in the future with new locations of existing and future flex operators.   We thank Jill Baron - van Briemen from Q-Park Netherlands for the collaboration.