American CEOs are giving up: working in the office is no longer necessary

19 maart 2024 08:59

After the corona pandemic, we were bombarded with all kinds of calls from CEOs of large companies to return to the office. Here and there there were even threats of dismissal. But the workers won.

This is evident from the article by the American media channel Axios. Only six of the 158 CEOs of American companies surveyed say they are prioritizing getting staff back into the office. More than 27% of CEOs now expect that hybrid working – partly at home, partly at the office – is here to stay. In another study - conducted by Deloitte - among financial managers who are allowed to hold the position of CFO, no fewer than 65% of CFOs expect that their company will allow some form of hybrid working.

Now, 20-25% of all workers in the United States work from home at least part of the week. That is lower than the 47% at the height of the pandemic but much higher than the average of 3% before. Striking: an employee complained that back at the office he was only Zooming with colleagues elsewhere.