Are open-plan offices outdated?

21 maart 2024 13:01

These days, many people work in open-plan offices, while it is becoming increasingly clear that more and more people become overworked, overstrung, and irritated after a day of working in such an environment. This is one of the causes leading to a burnout. Human Recource specialists outright say: Open-plan office? Don't do it!

So why do open-plan offices still exist? According to Wim Pullen, former managing director of Center for People and Buildings, in a TV program De Monitor from a few years ago, there are three reasons why open-plan offices still exist:

  • It's a matter of money. Employers can fit more people per square meter of floor space;
  • The naive thought that creativity and communication are enhanced in an open-plan office space;
  • Lack of knowledge among architects and office space designers about what is good for the people who have to work there.

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