A flexible layer around your housing strategy

8 maart 2024 15:32

Flexibele schil rond uw huisvesting

With WorkSnap, we offer employers a tool, a flexible layer around their housing strategy, providing their employees the opportunity to occasionally book a private day office where they can work without distraction or a meeting room to have a meeting where ever they wish.

Using a flexible office solution for a private day office and meeting rooms can contribute to your housing strategy without the restrictions of a fixed lease contract.

WorkSnap offers the ultimate flexibility because we collaborate with the best and renowned operators of flexible office solutions. There are no subscription fees or other obligations with us. You only pay when the space is used.

✅ No fixed costs if the space is not used ✅ Locations nationwide ✅ All locations have the same fixed price ✅ Contributes to a lower carbon footprint by reducing travel

We were recently interviewed by Ondernemers Magazine.